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Stan Grant, ABC journalist, steps away.

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Journalism is burning. But there are havens for words and ideas out there. Here is an invitation to The Australian Socialist Journal’s exhibition, launch and celebration in Sydney next month.

Invitation for 17 August 2019

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Today’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

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The June New Internationalist Scratchy Lines cartoon.

‘Hole in the wall’ is a project begun by Indian  researcher Sugata Mitra in 1999, to inspire curiosity and working together in children around the world. By putting an internet-connected PC in a hole in a wall in a slum in New Delhi the researchers saw slum kids playing with the computer, exploring websites, learning English – and teaching each other. 13 years of study on the nature of self-organised learning has earned Sugata Mitra the first ever $1,000,000 TED Prize award. Read more on the Pro Bono news website.

This news story  inspired today’s Kneebone cartoon on the Pro Bono website…

Hole in the wall pic


id Informed Decisions are the Australian and New Zealand ‘population experts’ providing demographic profiling and forecasting:  ‘We believe that by making demographic information accessible to the broadest possible audience, and promoting evidence-based decision making, we are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable society’.

Their id blog has many observations drawn from a range of data. A prime source of data being the 2011 Australian Census.

Here are some of the small graphics drawn for a number of the blog posts.

The coffee economy

The coffee economy

2012 review

2012 review

Grim reaper

Grim reaper

Economic modelling

Economic modelling


The Winter 2012 Edition of Australian Options (in newsagents now!) has an article  ‘The real politics of Rupert Murdoch’  by David McKnight, author of the book Rupert Murdoch: an Investigation of Political Power.

The article argues that, although saying he simply runs his newspapers as profit making businesses, Rupert Murdoch has a deeper interest in political influence, and uses free market populism to sway debate on important issues.

These are the cartoons that illustrated the article (the article will explain just what they are referring to, but I hope they can stand alone).

The January/February issue of New Internationalist  is in the newsagents.

Here is my  Scratchy Lines cartoon, which appears on the Letters page:

The 88th and final issue of The Rationalist, journal of the Rationalist Society of Australia, has been published.

The Rationalist has used a number of cartoonists in each issue so, for cartoonists, this is one less opportunity to demonstrate our craft.

Editors are moving on and the cost of publication has gone beyond the financial capacity of the Society. The Society will continue publishing in other ways and on its website.

The 88th Rationalist can be found in news agents; pdfs of earlier issues, and more information on the Society  at

One issue that the Rationalist Society has been strong on has been the Constitutional legality of the Government’s school chaplains program. Here is the cover of the 87th issue:

Here is a cartoon from the last issue, illustrating the article  ‘Inside the great Fairfax fiasco’.