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Andrew Rixon of Babelfish Group has been running free webinars working up to his Strategic Planning for Managers and Consultants program. After reading the key text for each webinar I have drawn up cartoons that can be used to illustrate some of the ideas in each webinar. Here are a few….

reinvent pic1

reinvent pic2

Vision pic

What happens if the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) doesn’t have statistics for your town? Have you ceased to exist?

Read the id Blog to find out the answer, and more.

ABS forgets your town pic

.id is ‘a company of population experts – demographers, spatial analysts, urban planners, forecasters, census data and IT experts who build demographic information products for Australia & New Zealand‘.

From a cartoonist’s point of view, using ‘tailor made’ cartoons to highlight many of their blog posts, .id recognises the value of cartoon illustrations to catch the eye and give a fun take on quite serious information.



This is the cartoon in the current edition of New Internationalist.


If you don’t subscribe, buy a copy and check it out. To find out more and follow their blog, visit the website here.


And there is the Australian New Internationalist page, shop and blog here.







The Australian Government plans to introduce an income management card – called the Basics Card – to a number of low-income areas. The intervention in the Northern Territory in 2007  included income management  imposed on Aboriginal communities. Income management quarantines a proportion of welfare recipients’ benefits, through a card, which can only be spent on essentials.

This cartoon illustrates some of the concerns about the scheme, as presented in an article on the Pro Bono website news page. To read the article click here.

No one asks for gratuitous ideas but here you go …

The January/February issue of New Internationalist  is in the newsagents.

Here is my  Scratchy Lines cartoon, which appears on the Letters page:

The GFC and Management … here are some cheap shots …