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I have been a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for over 40 years, working with a wide range of organisations, my graphics have appeared in many publications, websites and on conference walls.

Originally I studied psychology and worked as a youth worker in Port Adelaide. Both turned out to be good training for work as a cartoonist.

I use graphics as a means of communicating ideas and information, with positive depictions and humour to engage the reader. And have fun!


  1. Simon, I just barely came across your work. I love it, so I nominated you for a “One Lovely Blog Award.” To see the nomination post follow this link:

    • Wow Aaron, thanks for that. I’m very happy to know that you like my work! My blog has only been going for a little while and I’m still getting the hang of it all. It is a great way to give some of my cartoons a bit of extended life – and to explore what others (like you!) are doing.
      Best wishes,

        • Aaron the Ogre
        • Posted May 21, 2012 at 2:54 pm
        • Permalink

        My pleasure man, I love your stuff and hope you keep posting.

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  4. I took a look at your work, and I love it. Keep on with this very good job!

  5. Hi Simon. I just saw your cartoons for the first time on Pro Bono. They are excellent. You remind me a littl of Ron Cobb’s cartoons who I also admired. Regards Peter

    • Ah, Ron Cobb was a big influence way back when I was starting out. Thanks Peter!

  6. Hi Simon, I am a first time lecturer of Health Promotion and just found your illustration linking smoking and stages of change, I will be visiting this blog with my students so they can put the pieces together of the transformation theory and smoking if that is OK. thank you so much, it is a wonderful depiction of the process of behaviour change. Nat.

    • Thanks Nat, yes, use the stages of change post with your students. Hope it all goes well! Simon

  7. Simon your wonderful cartoon about the Refugee Council of Australia refusing to go under, brought a tear to my eye. They have received such support from the community since the mean spirited decision to cut their funding and your illustration captured that beautifully. Thank you for summing up that whole story so evocatively.

    • Thank you for your words. I am glad that cartoon did work!
      This government might be a gift to cartooning, but it is so destructive in its actions – and especially its attitudes.

  8. Hi Simon – long time no see … just visited your wonderful site. More power to your arm and that pencil!
    All the best, geoff

    • Thank you Geoff. I’ll look forward to catching up sometime. In the meantime I will keep enjoying your quite amazing bird photos! Best wishes, Simon

  9. Hi Simon. Just came across your site.You brought to life what the healthcare system looks and feels like with the “maze”. Would love to use it in a free workshop I’m doing is that ok..Will credit your site.

    • Thanks Lorraine, Yes, use the cartoon, I hope it helps picture the healthcare system.
      Best wishes,

  10. Hello Simon! I love your cartoon about “moving forward”! It is brilliant. I am giving a lecture on evaluation methods and wanted to use it if it was ok with you? I will of course give credit and point right to this link!

    • Thank you! Certainly, I am happy to give permission for you to use that cartoon in your lecture. I hope it goes well.
      Best wishes,

  11. Hi Simon, came across your website. Brilliant cartoons! I would like to make use of the “Health Care maze cartoon” for a presentation around child and youth care if that’s ok with you? Best, Rogier

  12. HI Simon — thank you for your wonderful cartoon. I’m giving a presentation on mental health disability and employment . Would it be ok to use your “moving forward” cartoon? After the webinar, the PPT would be posted on the website of the organization hosting the webinar. The cartoon is simply brilliant. Best, Mary

    • Certainly Mary!
      Thanks for the link to Doors to Wellbeing – it clearly is a valuable organisation – and dedicated group of people.

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