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‘Over $430 million was donated to political parties last financial year and, for good or for bad, not one of these dollars came from the social purpose sector. Given that most donors expect something in return for their donation, this means it will be increasingly challenging for the social purpose sector to get cut through on their advocacy and engagement issues in the years ahead’.  Read more of Neil Pharaoh’s post on the Pro Bono website here. Today’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

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Today’s Pro Bono news cartoon. For more see the post Charities urged to stay vigilant on advocacy rights.

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Important reforms languish as the sitting days of parliament peter out, as some sort of compensation the political soap opera has taken an exciting (and distracting) twist.

Pro Bono is the online hub for people involved in Australia’s Not-for-Profit organisations. Here is today’s Pro Bono website NFP Kneebone cartoon.

Hello-NFP Reforms