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The Winter 2012 Edition of Australian Options (in newsagents now!) has an article  ‘The real politics of Rupert Murdoch’  by David McKnight, author of the book Rupert Murdoch: an Investigation of Political Power.

The article argues that, although saying he simply runs his newspapers as profit making businesses, Rupert Murdoch has a deeper interest in political influence, and uses free market populism to sway debate on important issues.

These are the cartoons that illustrated the article (the article will explain just what they are referring to, but I hope they can stand alone).


  1. Hey… good stuff my boy!

    I wonder if you got to watch Michael Moore’s documentary on Capitalism on SBS last night? Rather horrifying as one would imagine. But I better not go too far as this email will probably be checked by the dark forces?

    Catch up Friday I hope,


  2. Great work.

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