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Examples of simple cartoon animations:

Remote Area Health Corp, see the post.

Greening Marion: explaining Complexity Science

Mental health information for Aspen Medical and Origin Energy.

Alcohol and other drugs health information for Aspen Medical and Origin Energy.

Women’s health and men’s health animations for Aspen Medical and Origin Energy.

Heat stress video for Aspen Medical. There are three versions – for Origin Energy, SANTOS and Shell.

Remote Area Health Corps short introduction animations, October 2018:

South Australian Power Networks Draft Plan 2020-2025, 14 August 2018:

Remote voting animation, with Pitjantjatjara language voiceover, for the South Australian State Election, 17 March 2018:

For the City of Port Phillip, Victoria Australia. Voiceovers by Max McHenry and Ellie Parnell, soundtrack by Tom Kneebone.

A short animation for Russell Deal’s Metaphors Ink website. Soundtrack by Tom Kneebone.

A short animation for the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union for their campaign to promote unemployed workers’ rights:

An animation for the soon to be launched new  BookPals website illustrating the service and benefits they offer:

A short 10 second animation to make a point.

This is a short animation for the Adelaide City Council to show the benefits of the Placemaking approach.  At present,  local businesses seeking approval to put a structure on the footpath, in this example a planter box,  may need to present the proposal to up to seven departments at their local council. With the Placemaking approach the process would be simplified and is about empowering local businesses.

No Voice-over, the animation is to be used as part of a presentation, the presenter talking through the process.

Guitar and sound effects by Tom Kneebone.

A whiteboard style animation for the Class Teaching website explaining the value of their eJournal for teachers and school leaders.

A simple whiteboard animation…

This whiteboard style animation is for Monica Redden’s Coaching Ourselves training program:

A whiteboard style animation for Aspen Medical, outlining their Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) programs. It is almost 5 minutes long – which is quite long to hold a casual viewer’s attention (the animation is aimed at new staff members).  The animation has also broken down into five ‘chapters’ for added versatility.

An animation for Richard Goater, The Hale School, WA: teachers working in teams to drive and build school capacity

Christmas mammoth

A little out of date, but still kicking….

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