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I draw a monthly current issues editorial cartoon for New Internationalist, a fortnightly cartoon for the Pro Bono news website, and cartoons for the journal Australian Options.

Here is a selection:

Hoovering up LR pic


Peace LR pic


Foreign Aid LR pic


You save it LR pic








Free Trade LR pic


local control

fossil fuel pic




US debt

UK Riots

Nuclear spin


  1. Great work. I am looking for a drawing that depicted a nut cracker with it being cracked by Government officers on the top and health equity and poverty on the lower handle of the nutcracker.
    Can you please direct me to the original and give permission for its use in a presentation I am giving on 21 March to pharmacy students in Darwin at the CDU. There maybe more I want to use. I found you through Prof Fran Baum at Flinders Uni.
    Thanks and keep up the good work for social justice.
    Rollo Manning

  2. Every editorial cartoon is bleeping genius & now I’m one of your most devoted followers! You’re going to have overwhelming inspiration from Captain Trump & his motley crew aboard our sinking ship of state. Can’t wait to see your artistic responses! My son, Randol Eagles, is a background artist at Nickelodeon, who had a short history of editorial cartooning for local newspapers, so I admire the backbreaking long hours of effort it requires to meet deadlines. He will probably be aware of your amazing work already, but I’m looking forward to his reaction. Respectfully yours, Marilu

    • Thank you very much Marilu! I do appreciate your thoughts and understanding of the cartoonists’ lot. Your son may have made a wise decision, especially heading to Nickelodeon, where his creativity can be turned to inspiring young kids not yet tainted by politics to make their own better world! (Certainly Nickelodeon’s The Rugrats worked on our kids). Good luck in Trumpland – and best wishes,

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