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This month’s New internationalist Scratchy Lines cartoon.



The focus of the latest issue of New Internationalist is Youth. The cover states:  ‘Youth rising – why apathy is not an option’, and to quote from one article “young people are carrying the can for capitalism’s structural failings’. Those who do read the magazine will know that it presents a global snapshot (and fact-shot) of complex issues.



This month the cartoon does relate to the theme – as well as using a bit too popular metaphor.








This is the cartoon in the current edition of New Internationalist.


If you don’t subscribe, buy a copy and check it out. To find out more and follow their blog, visit the website here.


And there is the Australian New Internationalist page, shop and blog here.







The Australian Government plans to introduce an income management card – called the Basics Card – to a number of low-income areas. The intervention in the Northern Territory in 2007  included income management  imposed on Aboriginal communities. Income management quarantines a proportion of welfare recipients’ benefits, through a card, which can only be spent on essentials.

This cartoon illustrates some of the concerns about the scheme, as presented in an article on the Pro Bono website news page. To read the article click here.

A poll of  over 1700 clients by The Salvation Army showed that more than half  have gone without meals to pay for other basic necessities This is in Australia, a wealthy country…

The Scratchy Lines cartoon from the April New Internationalist

Water on the Moon!   Water on Mars!   Earth-like planets out there!

As this planet fails to meet our expectations some of us seem to be comforted by the idea that we could ‘trade up’, move on to something a little better.

I don’t think they intend taking all of us with them of course.

The cheaper option is to find some alien life out there that in some way could rescue us … from ourselves.

Here is the current New Internationalist cartoon:



Some more rough drafts from the ‘not chosen’ folder – before their issues become old history (if only!).







The January/February issue of New Internationalist  is in the newsagents.

Here is my  Scratchy Lines cartoon, which appears on the Letters page:

The latest issue of Australian Options is out. To subscribe click here.

Below is a cartoon drawn to illustrate one of the articles in this issue: ‘Policy in the wake of the banking crisis: taking pluralism seriously’ by Sheila Dow.

As the article states ‘There is a limit to how far economists can understand a complex reality, far less predict the future. But fostering a range of perspectives and analytical methods would make economics much more robust in the face of unexpected developments …’