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The Sydney International Storytelling Conference, June 2-4. Israeli-born Noa Baum gave the keynote presentation on how she is working on bridging the divide between Israelis and Palestinians. Listening with heart and mind, accepting dissonance and uncertainty.

And two days of moving stories, and workshops. These conferences are wonderful treats.

The Opposition’s ‘No’ campaign is scratching scabs on un-healed wounds. “A no vote would mean that ill will, prejudice and sheer bastardry had won.” Jack Thompson. Noel Peterson, asked about the future of reconciliation efforts if the referendum failed, he replied: “It’ll die. It’ll be dead.”

The ‘No’ campaign is paternalistic dreaming, a dead weight shackled to the failed old ways…

… instead of actually reducing global emissions …

Stan Grant, ABC journalist, steps away.

The Northern Territory government will allow a full-scale onshore gas industry to go ahead in the gas-rich Beetaloo Basin, five years after a moratorium on fracking was lifted.

Diagram for a research paper from the Stockholm Environment Institute offering, ‘for the first time, an evaluation … of agreements between Sámi reindeer herding districts and developers in Sweden. The evaluation was conducted from a Sámi perspective…

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Cartoons for Australian Socialist. The May issue will report on Australia in the international arena, and the AUKUS nuclear submarines deal.

Indigenous voice: Coalition digs in on ‘lack of transparency’ claim despite Labor releasing legal advice.

Pro Bono news finishes today. Here is the last cartoon.