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An illustration for  ‘Training the sense of guilt to reinforce respectful habits‘ by Simone Redaelli, posted on the Culturico blog. Discover other posts on a wide range of issues at Culturico – and more about the aims of the blog here.

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John Kruger has been recording his son Stone’s growing up, in the pages of SA Kids magazine, since before Stone was born. Stone’s birthday is in the middle of winter and John tells of the difficulties of rainy day birthdays.

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‘Hole in the wall’ is a project begun by Indian  researcher Sugata Mitra in 1999, to inspire curiosity and working together in children around the world. By putting an internet-connected PC in a hole in a wall in a slum in New Delhi the researchers saw slum kids playing with the computer, exploring websites, learning English – and teaching each other. 13 years of study on the nature of self-organised learning has earned Sugata Mitra the first ever $1,000,000 TED Prize award. Read more on the Pro Bono news website.

This news story  inspired today’s Kneebone cartoon on the Pro Bono website…

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SA Kids is a parenting magazine, published in South Australia. An ongoing feature in the magazine has been the story of baby Stone.  The story began before Stone was born and has been updated in each monthly (and now bi-monthly) edition.

Stone is now well past his first birthday (see an earlier post) and his parents have been teaching him the proper names of the parts of his anatomy. When it comes to applying his new knowledge to other creatures he has a little trouble confusing a tail with a …

Free Run Press, South Australian publishing house, produces a range of publications.

One of their magazines, SA Kids (formerly South Kids), launched in 2010, provides parents with practical, up to date, local information about raising children.  An ongoing series by John Kruger reports on the highs and lows of being a parent, through the growth of  baby Stone. Like the magazine, Stone had his first birthday recently…

Stone's first birthday party