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A new Oxfam report finds a record increase in the number of Australia’s billionaires –  from 33 to 43 in 2018.  ‘Australia is among the wealthiest nations in the world, yet the pervasive gap between the haves and the have-nots persists’ says Oxfam Australia’s chief executive Helen Szoke. Read more here. This week’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

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This month’s New Internationalist cartoon. Click here for the Australian New Internationalist blog and shop!


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One of the featured Australian Options articles, ‘Too Big to Gaol‘, by Evan Jones, considers the Australian financial system.

My Scratchy Lines cartoon from the May issue of New Internationalist:

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The future getting in the way of the economy?

This month’s New Internationalist cartoon:

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Issues cover Winter 2013

Support alternative media – become a member of Australian Options – and get to download copies of the journal. The Winter issue features articles on taxation, climate change and more – including an interview with Frank Stillwell, political economist.

If you thought that Governments reducing taxes, but spending on health, education and the things governments should invest in (not to forget saving the planet), doesn’t add up … you were right.

Here are a few cartoons from the issue:


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The latest issue of Australian Options is out. To subscribe click here.

Below is a cartoon drawn to illustrate one of the articles in this issue: ‘Policy in the wake of the banking crisis: taking pluralism seriously’ by Sheila Dow.

As the article states ‘There is a limit to how far economists can understand a complex reality, far less predict the future. But fostering a range of perspectives and analytical methods would make economics much more robust in the face of unexpected developments …’