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Future Calls picThis month’s New Internationalist ‘Scratchy lines’ cartoon.

The Scratchy Lines cartoon for this month’s New Internationalist magazine. (The Australian site and blog is here).

with us LR picB

This is the Scratchy Lines cartoon in this month’s issue of the New Internationalist.

Visit the New Internationalist website for highlights from the magazine and the latest postings on their blog – including this post reporting the detaining of Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh by Israeli Defence Forces. Mohamad’s cartoon ‘Dreaming of Freedom’ appeared in the May 2011 issue of the magazine. Fellow Palestinian Fadi Abou’s cartoon response, also shown in the post, makes clear the power of the pencil.

There are more cartoons on the detaining of Mohamad Saba’aneh, and many other world issues at Cartoon Movement.

local control

No one asks for gratuitous ideas but here you go …

Each month I send two or three draft cartoon ideas to the New Internationalist editors. They can select which one will suit. The cartoon needs to ‘work’ of course. It also needs to still be topical in six weeks time – when the issue being prepared comes out. That is tricky.

The rough drafts are real ‘cartoons’ in the original sense of the word – sketched out preliminary drawings for some finished art work. It’s a bit odd but they often look more fresh and lively  than the finished cartoon.

Here’s a rough draft of the one that didn’t get the nod for the issue-after-next’s cartoon….

Unfortunately there isn’t a solution to the Konigsberg Bridge Puzzle. Such is life, there isn’t  always a neat resolution, or one right answer.

Andrew Rixon of Babelfish Group got me to draw the puzzle for a section of his book Complex Systems: thriving in complexity.

So, if you could cope with having the puzzle in your head for  a few hours (or a couple of days in my case) and eventually realising that there was no solution, well, maybe we all are better prepared for other stuff that doesn’t resolve itself neatly. Or maybe not….

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