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 Disection LR pic.jpg

Here is a selection of cartoons from the latest Issues books published by Independence Educational Publishers, Cambridge UK.  Six books are published each (UK) school term, for students 14 years and above.

The present  Issues topics are: environment, class, population, gender, tourism and crime.

Population issues

Class issues

Gender issues

Environment issues

Environment issues


Unfortunately there isn’t a solution to the Konigsberg Bridge Puzzle. Such is life, there isn’t  always a neat resolution, or one right answer.

Andrew Rixon of Babelfish Group got me to draw the puzzle for a section of his book Complex Systems: thriving in complexity.

So, if you could cope with having the puzzle in your head for  a few hours (or a couple of days in my case) and eventually realising that there was no solution, well, maybe we all are better prepared for other stuff that doesn’t resolve itself neatly. Or maybe not….

Why people keep fish in aquariums QED