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Edible Adelaide LR image.jpg

Edible Adelaide poster illustrating Natural Resources Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges’ Edible Adelaide report – cultivating a shared vision for a more edible Greater Adelaide. There are links to the report and an A4 300dpi file of the poster on that page. More background on the development of the report is on the Sustainable Communities South Australia Inc site here.


Frank Fisher, who died earlier this year, was an inspiration to many people, an environmental educator committed to ‘social transformation to a more sensitive self-aware world’.  Among other things he was professor in the National Centre for Sustainability, Swinburn University of Technology, Melbourne.


Frank established The Understandascope in 2005, the name coming from cartoonist Michael Leunig’s cartoon. It was relaunched this year as a website – to continue Frank Fisher’s vision of ‘a more circumspect, humble and considerate society, increasingly sensitive and responsive to the consequences of our actions upon each other and the rest of nature’.


The Understandascope has launched an ebook Everyday Transcendence: the influence of Frank Fisher. Discover Frank Fisher and a link to download the ebook here.


Frank Fisher was a committed cyclist. Here is one cartoon from the ebook.

Fisher cyclist pic