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Elephant in room LR pic


This month’s New Internationalist ‘Scratchy lines’ cartoon. For the New Internationalist Australia, including its Fair trade shop click here.

Umbrellas pic

This is an illustration for one of the new Forest and Wildlife Discovery Trail signs, at the Free The Bears Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue centre, near Luang Prabang, Laos. This sign will explain the role of umbrella species:

‘Just as umbrellas protect people underneath them from rain, umbrella species keep their Lao forest wildlife friends safe from extinction. Poach or kill umbrella species and the balance of the whole forest is upset, but keep them safe and everyone’s a winner!’

Here is a link to an earlier sign drawn up for the Free The Bears trail.

dinosaurs LR picB


This month’s New Internationalist cartoon.

Rapid appraisal of emerging issues in the oil palm sector in Palawan Island (The Philippines): Environment, livelihoods and corporate accountability, was a scoping report produced by a collaboration between Palawan State University and the Stockholm Environment Institute. It aimed  ‘to feed the ‘rich picture’ that emerges from the preliminary results back to people in Palawan’.

As part of the feeding back the results these three diagrams were developed to be used in presentations. There was a lot of ‘rich picture’ to juggle onto each page.

Oil Palm pic A

When the pic

Pathways pic B


Sign Low Res fileThis is a mock-up of one sign to be on a forest and discovery trail at the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre, near Luang Prabang, Laos. The wording will be translated into Lao – and other languages.

The mainstream media – generally – having glimpsed, will move on.

Here is this week’s Pro Bono news website cartoon:




The future getting in the way of the economy?

This month’s New Internationalist cartoon:

carbon price LR pic

Invisible stuff LRpic


Frank Fisher, who died earlier this year, was an inspiration to many people, an environmental educator committed to ‘social transformation to a more sensitive self-aware world’.  Among other things he was professor in the National Centre for Sustainability, Swinburn University of Technology, Melbourne.


Frank established The Understandascope in 2005, the name coming from cartoonist Michael Leunig’s cartoon. It was relaunched this year as a website – to continue Frank Fisher’s vision of ‘a more circumspect, humble and considerate society, increasingly sensitive and responsive to the consequences of our actions upon each other and the rest of nature’.


The Understandascope has launched an ebook Everyday Transcendence: the influence of Frank Fisher. Discover Frank Fisher and a link to download the ebook here.


Frank Fisher was a committed cyclist. Here is one cartoon from the ebook.

Fisher cyclist pic





Native Australian bees have blue stripes on their back ends – not yellow. Now I know!

This artwork is for a large (3m x 3.5m) panel in the Natural Resource Management’s interactive display at the Adelaide Show this week.

The display includes recordings of the sounds of various native creatures and visitors will match each sound with a creature in the picture. The spider will be tricky.