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The newly elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has promised that the Labor government will commit “in full” to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which since 2017, has been calling for a First Nations voice to parliament enshrined in the constitution. To assert his voice, setting out a plan of action on the Statement, Parry Agius proposed a series of social media posts leading up to last Saturday’s federal election. We worked together on these cartoons to illustrate Parry’s thoughts.

The ruling Liberal National Party LNP ( a conservative coalition) has little understanding of just what the future is challenging us with… Cartoon ideas on a range of issues for the next Australian Socialist journal.

Election craziness is go … Today’s Pro Bono News cartoon.


For much more depth on how Trump played it so successfully:

and the next issue of Australian Options magazine.

November’s New Internationalist is out. This issue tackles Medicine and ‘inequality’s toxic effect on health and healthcare’.  However, with the US election only days away my Scratchy Lines cartoon took a look at how electing our representatives works …