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First published by Sane Australia in 2003 You’re Not Alone: A Sane guide to mental illness for children, originally 37 pages, is available as a 24 page e-Book. A comic book ‘intended to provide information which helps children to understand and cope better with their situation’. Designed by Sane Media and illustrated by Simon Kneebone.

Health SA’s Tobacco and Mental Illness Project has produced many resources for people with a mental illness – who are more likely to smoke, and smoke more heavily than the general population. For example a study has reported that 60% of people with schizophrenia smoke.

More information and links to some of the resources can be found at:

and details of the Project at:

The resources have used cartoons and graphics to help explain the project’s aims of awareness, practice change and reduction. Cartoons can (I hope!) connect with a reader, empathise, and help them through the text.

Here are some examples.




Stages of Change