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Important reforms languish as the sitting days of parliament peter out, as some sort of compensation the political soap opera has taken an exciting (and distracting) twist.

Pro Bono is the online hub for people involved in Australia’s Not-for-Profit organisations. Here is today’s Pro Bono website NFP Kneebone cartoon.

Hello-NFP Reforms

The role that philanthropists play, in partnership with the not-for-profit sector, is highlighted in a number of posts on the Pro Bono News website.  In particular, a call to young Aussie philanthropists from the Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Tipping Point Community, Daniel Lurie.

As Philanthropy Australia’s New Generation of Giving Manager, Caroline Vu says: “This generation of young philanthropists isn’t content just writing cheques. They want to be engaged in the giving process, using their skills, resources and networks to maximise return on investment.”

Here’s the cartoon the article inspired:

Make a difference pic

The Scratchy Lines cartoon in this month’s New Internationalist:

Super market LR pic

Andrew Rixon of Babelfish Group has been running free webinars working up to his Strategic Planning for Managers and Consultants program. After reading the key text for each webinar I have drawn up cartoons that can be used to illustrate some of the ideas in each webinar. Here are a few….

reinvent pic1

reinvent pic2

Vision pic

Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local‘s  Taking the Pulse conference: bringing it all together on April 20th did bring it all together. After eight forums across the region what local communities regarded as the important primary health care issues for the region were presented. A wide range of local initiatives tackling many of these issues were outlined in concurrent sessions, and by over 20 exhibitors.

That Health is at some sort of crossroads is indicated by the last two plenary sessions: “Whatever happened to the Health Reform?’ and ‘Keeping it all together’.

As Conference Cartoonist it was my brief to capture the messages, and the feeling, throughout the day.



What happens if the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) doesn’t have statistics for your town? Have you ceased to exist?

Read the id Blog to find out the answer, and more.

ABS forgets your town pic

.id is ‘a company of population experts – demographers, spatial analysts, urban planners, forecasters, census data and IT experts who build demographic information products for Australia & New Zealand‘.

From a cartoonist’s point of view, using ‘tailor made’ cartoons to highlight many of their blog posts, .id recognises the value of cartoon illustrations to catch the eye and give a fun take on quite serious information.


‘Hole in the wall’ is a project begun by Indian  researcher Sugata Mitra in 1999, to inspire curiosity and working together in children around the world. By putting an internet-connected PC in a hole in a wall in a slum in New Delhi the researchers saw slum kids playing with the computer, exploring websites, learning English – and teaching each other. 13 years of study on the nature of self-organised learning has earned Sugata Mitra the first ever $1,000,000 TED Prize award. Read more on the Pro Bono news website.

This news story  inspired today’s Kneebone cartoon on the Pro Bono website…

Hole in the wall pic



Here is a cartoon originally drawn during the ‘Show me the change’ conference for community organisations. It has been revived for use with  RMIT University’s Better Evaluation project.

evaluation tool pic


id Informed Decisions are the Australian and New Zealand ‘population experts’ providing demographic profiling and forecasting:  ‘We believe that by making demographic information accessible to the broadest possible audience, and promoting evidence-based decision making, we are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable society’.

Their id blog has many observations drawn from a range of data. A prime source of data being the 2011 Australian Census.

Here are some of the small graphics drawn for a number of the blog posts.

The coffee economy

The coffee economy

2012 review

2012 review

Grim reaper

Grim reaper

Economic modelling

Economic modelling


November’s New Internationalist is out. This issue tackles Medicine and ‘inequality’s toxic effect on health and healthcare’.  However, with the US election only days away my Scratchy Lines cartoon took a look at how electing our representatives works …