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Refugee Week. Yesterday’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

Refugees detained in the Park Hotel, Melbourne:

This week’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

Asylum Seekers LR picB.jpg

The December New Internationalist Scratchy Lines cartoon.

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you bombed our country LR


Today’s Pro Bono News cartoon. For more background see the post ‘Asylum Seeker Workers to Ignore New Laws‘.


Here is an interview about this cartoon:–g12atJpSWZ

The cartoon first appeared in Australian Options magazine – discussions for social justice and political change – which is celebrating its 20th year of publication! I have drawn cartoons for every issue.

The plight of asylum seekers being trafficked in boats from coastal villages in Indonesia to Australian shores, mainly Christmas Island, is a major political issue – and certainly a  major humanitarian one. How to handle it, and just how to think about it , are complex. A bottom line however, is provided in an article posted on the Pro Bono news website: Salvos Staff Condemn Nauru’s ‘Cruel & Degrading Conditions’. To quote the opening lines,

‘A Public Statement by past and present Salvation Army Staff Members about asylum seeker conditions on Nauru claims that recent rioting there is an inevitable outcome from a cruel and degrading policy.

‘The strongly worded statement comes from a collection of former and current Salvation Army staff who have spent the last ten months working with asylum seekers at the Regional Processing Centres in Nauru and Manus Island’.

Here is today’s Pro Bono News cartoon:

Nauru situation  LR pic