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you bombed our country LR


  1. Hi Simon,

    Great cartoon. Was it produced for a particular magazine or website, or just something you produced anyway?

    Reason I was asking is that I was thinking of reformatting it as a 2-frame animated movie for outreach on Facebook. Would that be OK with you?

    If so, it would make it easier if you could email me the cartoon as two separate frames, and I’ll do the rest (unless of course you want to produce it as a 2-frame animated mp4 for me…).

    Cheers, Brian


    • Hi Brian, I’d be pleased if you turned it into a s frame movie – I’d be keen to see how it would look.
      I didn’t do it for anyone, just got the idea from reading some articles and did it.
      I will send it in bits.
      Best wishes,

  2. Very good cartoon, Simon. Thanks for put synthesis on a drawing like this.

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