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Pro Bono news cartoon for this week – World Homeless Day and World Mental Health Day coincide this week, ‘new analysis shows the number of people with mental health issues who need homelessness support has doubled in the past decade’.

Today’s cartoon for Pro Bono news.

Australian Dream LR pic.jpg

It is Homeless Prevention Week. Today’s Pro Bono news cartoon.

Homeless pic

If you are homeless, don’t hold your breath. Governments don’t, they keep talking, and promising and shelving – see this post on  the Not For Profits Pro Bono news website. Here is today’s fortnightly NFP Kneebone cartoon on the same website.

The weekly cartoon on the Pro Bono website is usually inspired by posts on their news page.

Pro Bono is Australia’s leading online news service for the Not for Profit sector.

This week two articles stood out: one on homelessness, the other on the aged care sector. I did two cartoons – below –  click here to see which one was published.