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There are many young people with disabilities living in nursing homes.  The new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) promises a great step forward for supporting people with disabilities getting on with their lives.  However, as  this Pro Bono News post explains, it will not help those young people in aged care nursing homes as there is already a lack of suitable and affordable housing for all young people with disabilities. Research has found that ’53 per cent of young people in residential aged care received a visit from a friend less than once a year’.

Here is my cartoon for the Pro Bono website:

Young in aged care pic

Here is today’s Pro Bono News cartoon.

The not-for-profit sector is set to do it tough under our new conservative government. The government has said it will abolish the charities regulator (ACNC), and the minister in charge of the new Disability Care (NDIS) is not in the cabinet. Read more here.

On the bright side, the UN World Happiness Report has ranked Australia in 10th place. Read the Pro Bono article here.

Happiness Top Ten pic


Here are my cartoon ideas for the Pro Bono news website. Pro Bono is the online hub for the Not for Profit (NFP) sector in Australia. The ideas came from a couple of articles: Budget: Gaping Hole for Poorest Remains, and the 14 May SACOSS Responds to Federal Budget media release (can’t find a link to it). To quote a couple of paragraphs:

However, the enormously disappointing part of this budget remains the failure to address the longstanding inadequacy of our support for unemployed Australians by not increasing the Newstart allowance.

SACOSS Executive Director Ross Womersley said …”Interestingly, this budget contains $3 billion to purchase 12 attack aircraft. Increasing the base rate for single allowance payments by $50 per week would cost approximately $1.8 billion per annum.”

Budget pic2

Budget pic1

Yesterday Myer chief executive Bernie Brookes said that the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme would hurt retail sales:

“Remember, a lot of our customers have equity portfolios, they’ve got superannuation and they get the bills each week, and suddenly the Medicare levy costs them another $300 from July next year and that’s $300 they might have spent with us.”

After outrage at his statement he gave a very limp apology of sorts  ‘to those who may have been offended or hurt’ by his comments.

Graeme Innes, Disability Discrimination Commissioner has started a petition challenging Myer to employ more people with disability, click here.The petition has almost 25,000 signatures already.

Brookes Myer pic

John McKenna is a well-known Australian disability commentator, and this week publishes his 80th  post on his blog. (It is also his 50th birthday this week – more reason to celebrate!).

For some time,  in collaboration with John,  I have been drawing  cartoons to illustrate some of his posts.

‘It’s in the system’ is meant to be reassuring – maybe it’s a cheque that’s not arrived, a form has got lost… but what if it is a person?

Click here to see other cartoons on the Pro Bono website.

John McKenna is a disability commentator whose weekly blog highlights a disability issue that has grabbed his attention.

This week he reports on attending the wheelchair tennis at the Australian Open 2012. A purpose-built platform was provided for wheelchair users to view the matches.  Unfortunately it did not have any shelter. There was shade for those who could negotiate the stairs up into the stands. It is summer in Australia and it can get pretty hot sitting out in the sun.

To read John’s post – and see all of his posts, click here.

Some of my first cartooning jobs were for publications about ‘disability’ rights, in the lead up to the International Year of Disabled Persons (it would be worded better these days). It was an important learning experience for me. One publication from that time was Into the Streets:

Disability Resources Centre Vic, 1981

The MS Society has a number of ongoing campaigns on a range of issues. Here are cartoons illustrating some aspects. How far have things come since the International Year …?