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This week’s Pro Bono news cartoon. Check out their Budget coverage!


    • Nadarajah Sriskandarajah
    • Posted October 26, 2022 at 10:52 am
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    Dear Simon

    greetings from London, UK. I am an Australian now living in the UK, and a subscriber to your posts for well over a year. I was familiar with your work for a lot longer since my time in Sydney which was until 2000, when I relocated to Denmark and later Sweden.

    My good friend and former colleague, Ray Ison, now in Melbourne, has at different times included your sketches in his own work, and not long ago also in the book on Farming Systems Research which I was asscoaietd with also.

    Anyhow, I was speaking to Ray Ison a few months ago about an Action Research project I am engaged with in (my native) Sri Lanka concerning the critical state of ground water in the North of the country, and I asked him if I could get your help to convert a model/diagram outlining the project design into a sketch in your style. He thought I should approach you and ask if you could help.

    The project has been going for for nearly 3 years, most of it through the pandemic period. Current funding for the project runs out in March next year, and we plan to have an event to present the project’s outcomes to a gathering of a wide cross section of partners on 22 Nov. I was wondering if you could turn something out for me in time for that event?

    I am happy to interact with you, perhaps over a zoom call, to explain the project somewhat more if you choose to meet my request. We should of course then also talk about charges for your time and effort, whcih I would pay from my pocket as my contribution to the work in my homeland.

    I have attached the initial set of slides introducing the project. Slide 6 carries the model we proposed which guided the work to date, some of it accomplsihed, and this is what I would like you to convert into a sketch.

    The November event will be the first Round Table gathering of over 100 people who have taken part in some 12 workshops we conducted, now coming together to form the Northern Water Forum. The second set of three slides (green) ourlines the November event where I plan to project your skletch!

    II look forward to hearing your comments on the above.

    many thanks

    best regards


    Nadarajah Sriskandarajah

    Professor Emeritus in Enviornmental Communication

    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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