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In the waves LR pic.jpg

The Friday Group is a handful of artists that has been meeting for coffee for well over 20 years.We have an exhibition opening on Friday the 14th of June at Gallery M in Marion, Adelaide, South Australia. There are four of us exhibiting, John Martin, Don Hatcher, Allen Hollinshead and myself. These are some of my paintings.

On the beach LR pic.jpg

Vardon Avenue LR pic.jpg

Athenaeum Melbourne LR pic

On the river LR pic.jpg



  1. Absolutely spectacular Sim. Look forward to the exhibition.

    Mick >

  2. I’m very happy to read about the exhibition. I always enjoy looking at your work online. These are particularly good, and I wish I could see them in person!

    • Thank you John! It would be good to meet up sometime and exchange pictures – and thoughts. Go well and best wishes, Simon

      • Thank you, Simon. Yes, that would be good, although I think I would come out much better than you in the picture exchange! I’m a big fan of your work. Best wishes to you as well, John

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