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The Essentials Education series of text and workbooks are published by the Adelaide Tuition Centre.  Many have cartoon illustrations, to help underline study points and  remind students that learning is fun. These are from the first full colour edition of the Modern History Workbook.

All I know LR picCover LR pic



Plagiarism LR pic.jpg

Historical study LR Pic.jpg

Answer history LR pic.jpg



  1. You have obviously been a very busy little bee comrade. But I’d like to point out that this doesn’t excuse you from decorating Jo’s shopping list with wildly inappropriate illustrations of a complex nature.

    Now I leave you in peace…it’s time to explore the delights of Pinterest and then stroke my new Moleskine sketchbook that arrived today. It already has its “Switzerland 2018” label on it’s matt black cover!

    Nice work chum…as usual!

    See you Friday.



  2. Great work, Simon! Congratulations, I’m happy for it!

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