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The South Australian courts have released a comic book to celebrate 20 years of restorative justice for young offenders; read more  here. The comic, written by Marnie Doig and drawn by me, was actually created 20 years ago, at the beginning of the family conference based system.

I drew the comic before the benefits of computer, scanner and tablet. Corrections were made using white-out,  the black areas filled in with marker pens, no shading was possible, just lots of cross-hatching. Ah, those were the days…



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    Hey! What’s going on? Here am I just recovering from 250km’s around the darkest parts of the Black Forest in Germany fending off goblins and fairies…sadly there were no fairies.  I was looking forward to a few of them too.  Ooops…what am I saying? Here back in the safe haven and what do I find? You’ve been indulging in comics! Plus I find that you are not a bit ashamed of this aberrant behaviour but are found holding said article and looking pleased. The American League of Moral Righteousness  will be in touch forthwith. Lunch time here and there is a bottle of champagne to be consumed so carry on without me. Photos soon, Tootle Pip Me.

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    Big panic this morning as a member of the public rang in to report some dust particles on the road.An expert was flown in quickly and this in turn threw the gardener of the local bank into emergency to also remove any dust particles. We are happy to report that all is restored to normality now and the public can feel free to go about their normal business. Happy to keep you informed,  Don. 

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