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Cartoons drawn at the SACOSS (South Australian Council of Social Service) Alternative Futures Ending Poverty conference, 18th November, Adelaide Convention Centre. The predominating narrative on poverty is a key problem …

words and idea from listening to Deb Moyle’s talk.

There were too many ideas to sketch up on the day. Here are some drawn up afterwards…


  1. Great set of drawings. Did you do these live at the conference?

    • Thanks Mick. Yes, I took notes and drew them up during the conference. Some were projected onto the screen in the last session. The extra, less sketchy, better drawn cartoons at the bottom I drew up afterwards from the notes I made on the day.

      • That is a great way to use cartoons. It’s a very good method of providing the main thrusts of discussion for delegates to take away with them. Wish I’d thought of that when devising training and conferences. Although a bit of pressure on the cartoonist to deliver quickly!

      • Yes, pressure to deliver and as it was there were ideas that I didn’t have time to draw up on the day; but hopefully it captures some of the main messages from the day.

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