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A large poster illustration of an urban ecosystem for Green Adelaide/Resilient Communities. Included are many features of a healthy urban ecosystem, discussion points for its use in schools etc. It is a companion to the earlier Mangroves, Seaside and Bushland posters.


  1. Thanks Simon – I have forwarded this on to Colin Ball who is doing a History Festival Presentation on 11 May at 19 on Green Street Bowden that evening titled HINDMARSH TOWN IN THE 1980’s Reimagining the COMMUNITY STRATEGY PLAN
    Alternative Redevelopment Proposals – Integral Urban Neighbourhood
    Local resident activists and Urban Permaculture Consultants rock state government planners with controversial strategies for environmentally sustainable social housing, urban forestry, edible landscaping and City Farming in Bowden, Brompton and Ridleyton
    Keep up the great work Simon Cheers Andrew

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