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Today’s Pro Bono news Kneebone cartoon. Welfare advocates are calling for proposed legislation which would force new migrants to wait four years before they could access social security benefits to be rejected. Read the post here.

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    • Posted June 14, 2018 at 8:03 pm
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    Good one mein Herr, Good to see all is on song for you and I imagine a call for coffee has gone out?Our weather is cooler at present but next week sounds good so some pedalling coming up.It sounds as though you have some chilly stuff to contend with so I hope the fire is stoked? Yesterday was a great time in Basel with the Cartoon museum and Papier Museum, plus my favourite pen shop…coffee as well…life is definitely okay. Basel is a real treat apart from the stately old architecture and Uni Music School plus all the galleries as for some reason it’s the centre of classic old bicycles like the English Raleigh and always ridden with great style. Definitely high on the culture-o- metre. Nobody bothers with helmets and to watch the young women flashing about on their upright bikes at great speed is a sight to behold for this ageing bicycle lover. Say hello to the fellow layabouts tomorrow and I hope the exhibition work is going at top speed? Schone Tag Meski  

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