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Build your own Wall LR.jpg

The November New Internationalist Scratchy Lines cartoon. For the Australian New Internationalist site, blog and shop, click here.


  1. Love it!

  2. That Artline 0.6 felt pen must be at least an 0.9 by now?

    Is a swivel office chair of any use to you? The old one needs a retirement home and I wondered if you had a need?

    Cats are go! All seems to be well at the author end so far, so fingers crossed. Now a series of handwritten letters for an agency man. First we must let our champagne affected heads settle a little. My horse was first, but Heidi got second and third, so no money changed hands….sigh…

    Now….I must put down those ballpoints and do some paid work…

    Tootle pip.


  3. Very clever idea, Simon, and great cartoon.

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