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Today’s Pro Bono news website cartoon. The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has been under threat of closure by the government for many months. Social Services Minister Scott Morrison almost conceded that it will not be abolished (Morrison fudged ACNC announcement). The situation presents a great challenge to new Prime Minister Turnbull (Turnbull does not mean easy ride for Social Sector).

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  1. […] The social sector is always viewed as an easy target by Liberal governments. Rhetoric about restructuring the sector appeals to the faithful. The real challenge for them, one that is unable to addressed realistic by any liberal supporter, is how to create an equitable society for the disadvantaged, the disabled, the mentally ill, the broken families, the homeless and the jobless. Typically those with a Liberal bent fall back on age old, and equally as mouldy, rhetoric about improving Gross Domestic Product and stumble, somewhat embarrassingly when ask why higher productivity fails to ‘trickle’ down to those near the bottom of the food chain. It would be interesting to see how many Liberal supporters have someone in their extended family reliant upon services of the social sector. Source: Not For Profit challenge for Turnbull […]

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